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We encourage and support conservation-oriented field research and are happy to share the following publications about work done by field researchers at Reserva Las Gralarias. 

We know that only by documenting and understanding the many processes at work in nature can we hope to successfully conserve it over the long-term. 

Thank you to all of our field researchers for their hard work.



This is an article with species description of the new species of glassfrog Nymphargus lasgralarias that was discovered at Reserva Las Gralarias in 2011.

Hyloscirtus_criptico_etc_description.pdf, Coloma et al.

This is a lengthy monograph with species description of the new species of glassfrog Hyloscirtus criptico that was discovered at Reserva Las Gralarias in 2011 as well as the species description of Hyloscirtus princecharlesi and a review of the molecular phylogenetics of stream treefrogs.


This is an article about research conducted at Reserva Las Gralarias on the glassfrog Centrolene lynchi.


This is a biology degree thesis in Spanish on work done on the glassfrog Centrolene peristictum conducted at Reserva Las Gralarias.

Greeney et al. 2009. Bull. B.O.C. 20098 129(4). First Nest Description of the Yellow-breasted Antpitta Grallaria flavotincta in north-west Ecuador. boc1294-091117-ind:BOC Bulletin.qxd 

This article describes the first and only nest and nestlings ever found of the Chocó endemic Yellow-breasted Antpitta, which was found at Reserva Las Gralarias.




Check List of the Birds at Reserva Las Gralarias

Check List of the Mammals at Reserva Las Gralarias


Endangered Species Recorded at Reserva Las Gralarias




 Krynak, T. 2011. Liophis_Night_Ground_Snake_diet_note.pdf.

 Liu, V. and Lyons. J.  2012. Notes on the feeding activity and diet of the Blue-fronted Parrotlet (Touit dilectissima) in north-west Ecuador. A brief paper on feeding activity of these small parrotlets at RLG.

 Liu, V. Thesis for MSc. 2011. Colonisation and structure of faunal communities in epiphytic tank bromeliads in Ecuador: An experimental assessment of the roles of water volume and surface area. This is one of six Master´s of Science degree theses research projects conducted at Reserva Las Gralarias.

 Noble, E. Thesis for MSc. 2011. The Effect of Resource Quality and Abundance On The Behaviour Of A Hummingbird Guild In The Cloud Forests Of Ecuador. Elizabeth_Noble_MSc_Thesis_Leeds_University.pdf

 Razowski, Józef & Volker Pelz, 2007. Polskie Pismo Entomologiczne 76: 21-40 http://species.wikimedia.org/wiki/Dimorphopalpa_lyonsae. Descriptions of two new moth species discovered at Reserva Las Gralarias.


Tigrillo (Oncilla)

Photo by Henry Imba 

RLG_Plant_Survey.pdf   2001. An initial survey done of our first 7.5 hectares.



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